Un saludo desde Argentina

I’ve finally decided to start a blog. Although friends have been suggesting I do this for some time now, I resisted the idea for a while–I’m not really the share-all-my-most-intimate-secrets-with-the-world type. But as my life in Argentina has grown exponentially busier and it’s become increasingly difficult to stay in close touch with friends back home, I’ve come to recognize just how much a blog could help me to stay current with the people most important to me. Plus, if I’m going to give it a go as something of a freelance writer, I should probably have a site where I can post observations about life here and links to things I’ve written.

“Here,” for those who haven’t heard from me in a while, is Buenos Aires; I moved down in September 2010. I live in Retiro, where I share an apartment with an Argentine friend I met back in 2007. (His name is Augusto.) I’ve just started a masters degree in “social sciences with mention in social history” at the Universidad Naciónal de Lujan; the program has been excellent thus far, so I think I’ll be hanging around at least though early 2013 to finish it. To keep myself afloat, I’ve been giving English classes to lawyers, businesspeople, and the children of a wonderful half-US/half-Argentine couple. I’ve also been doing a bit of freelance writing for some travel websites and now, excitingly, for a bilingual BA arts blog called Juanele.

I’ll use this online space to post updates about my life, broadly construed. Though I suspect that the blog will be first and foremost a low-intensity jumble of random things, expect to see reflections on (and sometimes, photos of) Argentina’s art scene, academic and cultural life, and political tumult every now and again. In the coming weeks, I’ll also try to fill you in on some of the thing I’ve been up to these past eight months. Ideally, the comments sections of the posts themselves can be mini-platforms for keeping in touch, so if you find yourselves with a spare second, it’d be beyond wonderful to hear from you. And if you’ve got the inclination, please do “subscribe” to the blog by clicking on the “Sign me up!” button at the far right of the page; you’ll receive an email when new posts go up.

In case you’re wondering about the name: it’s a reference to Pulpo Paul, as the English-German octopus-cum-World-Cup-sensation is known in these parts. (Check out the Wikipedia article–I know, I hadn’t heard of it either.) Paul isn’t a very common name down here; I used to respond to confused looks by spelling it out letter-by-letter. Now, I just say “como el pulpo” (like the octapus) and watch the confusion turn to a smile–how else does one respond to clairvoyant octopi?

I hope you enjoy the blog!


4 thoughts on “Un saludo desde Argentina

  1. Paul! It’s awesome that you’re gonna be in BA for a while. Did you know I spent a summer in Rosario?
    I wanted to share with you that during that time I started introducing myself as “Yakir. Como Shakira pero sin el ‘a'”…

    • Yakir! It’s great to hear from you! Are you in Israel? As it happens, your summer in Rosario was one of the first things I knew about you (we talked about it at the pre-NILI retreat). And the Shakira bit (which is fantastic, by the way), I actually knew too–but only because Tim Reckart told me yesterday!

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