Fun Things from arteBA

I finally got to spend some substantial time at arteBA yesterday. I saw a lot of interesting things, but given that the best of them have already been blogged about by Juanele contributors, I’ve decided to focus my recent Juanele blog post not on criticism but on the celebration of a few things that I thought were fun. Here’s the post.

* * *

The rest of the Juanele crew has done such a good job covering arteBA that I’m not sure, coming late to the party, that I have much of value to add. Rather than offer a broad reading of the fair or the kind of focused criticism that, for example, Kate Sedgwick brought to Petrobras’ corner of La Rural, I’ll just point out a few things that struck me as fun, funny, or both. So, to top off the thoughtful analysis Juanele’s already given you, a few quick flashes of color (and some wild faux flight attendants):

Aldo de Sousa was full of twisty, turny, shimmering things, like Eduardo Rodriguez’s rotating “Luminomontes.”

Bosch meets Escher, they go tripping on LSD, and the result is Sam Poggio’s delightful contribution to Jardín Oculto’s space.

At Teresa Anchorena, Rafael Gonzalez Moreno’s melted plastic composites were like Water Lilies for the age of global warming.

Marta Minujín captured the attention of nearly all who passed RO with vibrant, technologically enhanced rainbow explosions.

And, most unusual of all, at the Argentine airport authority’s booth, some intimidating supervillain flight attendants.

¡Buen viaje, arteBA!

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