Weekend in Tigre

Things have been busy in the last few weeks, and I’ve allowed myself to fall behind on the blog. One of the things I’ve missed posting about is a trip I made to Tigre with Greg, Daniel, and Jonathan, three friends from college who were all able to visit simultaneously. Tigre is an expansive, swampy delta located about an hour north of Buenos Aires, where the massive Paraná meets the even larger Rio de la Plata. A very nice English student of mine had offered us the use of his weekend cabin there, and we were eager to oblige. The trip to the town of Tigre, at the edge of the Paraná Delta, is almost comically easy–an hour and about 25 cents in train fare. We explored the town a bit–it has some wonderful old boat clubs and a wedding cake of an art museum–before hiring a boat to take us out to the house itself:

This was my second visit to the Paraná Delta. It’s a fascinating place, where the old mansions of what used to be the premier summering spot for the porteño elite are joined by upper-middle class weekend cottages and very basic houses for those who make the inner Delta their full-time home. In the Delta itself, rivers replace roads, abundant trees and bushes run the spectrum of jungle color, and it’s difficult to see from one property to the next. It will forever amaze me that this place can exist just 28 kilometers from Buenos Aires. I hope to be back very soon.


2 thoughts on “Weekend in Tigre

  1. Love this post – it makes me so nostalgic! Ivan and I went camping there, and it was one of the most romantic weekends of my life.

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